ATCA GLOBAL - Adacel takes on virtual reality

ATCA GLOBAL - Adacel takes on virtual reality

ENAIRE awards new iFOCUCS control position

ENAIRE awards the new iFOCUCS control position for its centres in Madrid, Seville, Palma, Málaga and Zaragoza

Air Traffic Control Academy opens in Florida

New air traffic controller training facility opens in Florida to help fill the staffing levels for ATCOs

ENAIRE planning ATCO growth to support projected summer traffic

ENAIRE reinforces the number of controllers in anticipation of a summer season expected to rival the record number of flights in 2019

Swiss airspace in women's hands

In celebration of International Women's Day, Swiss airspace will be managed predominantly by female ATCOs.

New training concept for ATCOs from DFS

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH together with its subsidiary DFS Aviation Services (DAS) develop new training concept for prospective ATCOs at Frankfurt Airport.

Fallback solutions evolving towards new opportunities

ATM recently spoke with 42 Solutions about its fallback solution Merlin. How it’s being used in live applications now and how it might evolve in the future.