ATCA has announced new enhancements to better meet the needs of our membership. This builds on the solid foundation of nearly 70 years of representing and serving the air traffic management and airspace integration communities. As part of this transformation, the new logo’s modern look represents our future-facing approach.

“As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, we are committed to evolving in ways that align with our core mission of fostering education, collaboration, thought leadership, and advocacy,” said ATCA President & CEO Carey Fagan. “ATCA believes that by facilitating a collaborative environment and advocating for the needs of our community, we can collectively drive the air traffic management industry forward.” 

Fagan said shaping industry partnerships tops the list of our priorities. ATCA is strengthening its collaborations with government partners, such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration, industry associations, and the international aviation community “These partnerships are crucial for integrating cutting-edge technologies and services that ensure the safe and efficient management of global airspace,” Fagan said.

ATCA is also enhancing its advocacy efforts to develop effective outreach to the Hill and other government stakeholders. This includes support for adequate funding levels for the modernization of the National Airspace System.

Safety and efficiency remain paramount for ATCA as the heart of the industry, Fagan added. These initiatives reflect a commitment to promoting best practices and aim to set high standards and drive continuous improvement.

All these developments strengthen ATCA’s core mission of providing forums for thought leadership and collaboration. The organization is expanding educational programs and webinars, technology exhibitions, and collaborative working groups to tackle pressing challenges in the industry. ATCA’s annual conference, to be held in November, is also included in this fresh upgrade, with a new name, new design, and interactive exhibits to showcase its members and promote the industry. 

 “Each of these enhancements are designed to be a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and growth in the aviation industry,” Fagan said, “providing a platform for individuals and organizations to connect, learn, and shape aviation’s future as a whole.”