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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

Verizon awarded IS-BAO registration

Verizon becomes first corporate drone program awarded IS-BAO registration

Milestone for CERTIUM Locate

HungaroControl awards final acceptance to Rohde & Schwarz CERTIUM Locate

Drone growth in 2022, how’s it going?

Drone Industry Insights has release its 2022 Drone Barometer report

ENAIRE to upgrade ATM support systems

The Government authorises a contract for nearly 48 million euros to operate the systems that support air traffic management in Spain

Raytheon Intelligence & Space to modernize FAA WAAS

FAA awards Raytheon Intelligence & Space contract to modernize WAAS

EUSPA taps ESSP for EGNOS service provider role

SSP-SAS will continue being the EGNOS Service Provider for the next decade

DRONAMICS announces partnership with Cotesa

DRONAMICS announces partnership with Cotesa to manufacture long-range cargo drones in Europe

CANSO members meet in Africa

CANSO members meet at the Africa Conference in Dakar, Sengal

Project Caelus launches next phase

Next phase of Project Caelus to develop UK’s first medical delivery drone network launches

UK skies protected by C4i Pty Ltd

UK skies protected by C4i Pty Ltd secure voice communication system


LVNL accelerates and optimises tower digitalisation with automated testing

Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) has ensured that air traffic flows safely through the region for more than 90 years and continues to lead the way.

Modern Managed Services as an enabler of safety-critical operations

Focus on what matters to your stakeholders by leveraging trusted partnerships to deliver safety-compliant control centre solutions, networks support solutions and services.


IP Gateway in Air Traffic Management – Integration of KVM Matricse over IP Networks

IHSE is proud to announce a groundbreaking new product: Draco tera IP Gateway.

CERTIUM® shapes the future of civil ATC operations

Rohde & Schwarz is a trusted partner for secure air traffic communications from the radio to the antenna that helps its customers to shape the future of their air traffic control (ATC) operations.

Deicers from Clariant: For a safe take-off on ice and snow

Learn about Clariant's special fluids that are used to deice planes and protect them from reicing before take-off