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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

ERA MLAT extension in South Korea

ERA completed the first extension of its MLAT system at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea

Catching up with DroneTalks at ADW23

ATM Magazine and DroneTalks caught up during Amsterdam Drone Week 2023, to discuss the latest developments in the UTM/ATM, AAM and telecommunications sectors.

Horizon completes eVTOL wind tunnel flight

Horizon Aircraft Successfully Completes Wind Tunnel Transition Flight Testing


FREQUENTIS strengthens cyber security competence with acquisition of German safety-critical VoIP expert, FRAFOS

FREQUENTIS upgrades NASA voice conferencing

MSOC selects Frequentis to upgrade Mission Control Voice Conferencing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC)

ENAIRE SESAR 3 air traffic programme selection

ENAIRE has been selected for 19 of the 30 projects that will transform air traffic in SESAR 3 programme

ENAIRE continues surveillance upgrades

ENAIRE acquires three state-of-the-art radars and completes the upgrades to its surveillance network

ADW23: Elint Systems highlight

Amsterdam Drone Week 2023: Elint Systems highlight. A startup tackling the drone market in an unexpected location

ADW23 Highlights - part two

Amsterdam Drone Week 2023 Highlights part two with D-Flight, KPN, Avy, ANRA Technologies, Ericsson Drone Mobility, Airwayz

ADW2023: Telecoms and drones?

Amsterdam Drone Week 2023: Telecommunications and drones? We know the mobile operators are jumping into this market, but what about the solutions providers?