In a major four-year framework contract, infrastructure engineering and aviation specialists Egis, partnered by Gartner Consulting, have committed to providing wide-ranging analysis, advisory and outreach services to the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU) in support of the planned update of the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan and increased uptake of SESAR solutions. These activities aim to strengthen the European air traffic management system to make it more sustainable, resilient and ready to support the operations of both manned and unmanned aircraft.

The SESAR 3 JU, a partnership involving a wide range of private and public partners of the European air traffic management sector, was set up to accelerate, through research and innovation, the delivery of the Digital European Sky. The European ATM Master Plan is the agreed roadmap that defines the development and deployment priorities needed to deliver the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) vision, including for new entrants such as urban air mobility and the drone sectors.

The contract “Provision of consultancy and support to SESAR 3 JU related to strategic management and facilitation of market uptake”, will begin with the campaign to update the Master Plan, assembling in a single document, a roadmap for ATM modernisation targeting reduced emissions, fuel savings and airspace efficiency. It will provide essential direction and focus to ATM R&D, and for the first time align efforts with the growing number of other initiatives and frameworks targeting aviation sustainability. New data and research insights will also support wide buy-in from the broader stakeholder community.

Egis Europe ANSP/Institutions Director Jean Demars said: “We are delighted that the SESAR 3 JU has placed its trust in us to support them at this key stage in the evolution of the European ATM system. Both Egis and Gartner have extensive knowledge gained through years of experience in the ATM, aviation and strategy domains - and bring complementary skills to the team. Egis will coordinate the project and bring its ATM consultancy and engineering expertise. This will be invaluable for engaging with SESAR stakeholders, understanding their needs, and supporting the SESAR JU’s outreach activities. Meanwhile, Gartner will bring research insights and cross-industry benchmarking, providing fresh perspectives to the Digital European Sky project.”

Gartner Managing Partner Xavier Hallard said: “We are deeply honoured and excited by the opportunity to collaborate with Egis, to support SESAR 3 JU in updating their master plan. This partnership represents a unique fusion between Egis' cutting-edge aviation expertise and our mastery of strategy, benchmarking and the variety of Gartner methodologies. We strongly believe that this synergy will establish a strong and innovative framework and, by working closely with SESAR, we aim to contribute to the realization of a Single European Sky capable of meeting the future needs and requirements of the aviation sector. Our common goal is to exceed SESAR 3 JU's expectations and build a safer, more efficient and more sustainable European sky for future generations.”