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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

NATS renews critical support contract

NATS renewed contract for support services with Micro Nav for the ATC simulation installations at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Manchester Airports.

Toulouse Declaration drives sustainability focus

European Aviation industry steps up the drive toward sustainable aviation

ATCA Annual continues

Day two of ATCA went higher and higher

DFS Aviation Services announces cooperation with the Test Flying Academy of South Africa

DFS Aviation Services partnership allows the company to enter and expand its training expertise activities in Africa and the Far East

Inmarsat and Harvest Technology Group launch UAV live-streaming solution

Harvest joins Inmarsat’s Velaris Partner Network, providing highly reliable, ultra-low bandwidth C2 data and HD livestream capabilities for unmanned aerial vehicles

Aireon, Cirium forge data sharing partnership

Aireon has entered into a partnership with Cirium, the aviation analytics company.

ATCA Annual – back together again… virtually

ATCA Annual Day One Roundup

Saab Receives Order for Romania Digital Tower

ROMATSA to deploy Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS) remote tower.

Drones making a difference

Drones impact social, environmental and healthcare through Flying Labs partnerships.

Demand for drone operations increases by 370%

ENAIRE coordinated 6,101 professional drone operations in 2021
versus 1,646 in 2020