Honeywell launches AAM-focused project OperA

New Honeywell-led project launched to bring Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), autonomous flight to Europe

Ground control station for commercial drones - live test

Honeywell and Pipistrel demonstrate ground control station for commercial drone within Italian airspace

Honeywell Launches DARWIN AI Project

Honeywell-led project will use artificial intelligence to advance single-pilot operations in Europe

Protecting aviation from cellular interference

Honeywell launches Type J DLNA Device that Limits Effects of Cellular Interference on Aircraft

Honeywell, SESAR3 and AAM

Paris Air Show: Honeywell leads SESAR3 Digital Sky OperA AAM and U-space research

Archer selects Honeywell for UAM aircraft

Archer selects Honeywell flight control and climate system technology for its Urban Air Mobility aircraft

Honeywell, Hanwha Systems to collaborate on UAM

Collaboration combines expertise in urban air mobility solutions for defense and commercial applications

Honeywell adds new products to industrial navigation portfolio

Honeywell strengthens industrial navigation portfolio with multiple new products

Honeywell demonstrates alternative navigation capabilities

Honeywell successfully demonstrates alternative navigation capabilities in GPS-denied environments

Honeywell expands NAVITAS™ Software Suite

Comprehensive software-based platform helps improve safety, reliability and efficiency and enables airports to make more informed and accurate decisions across operations

Small UAV SATCOM System for Unmanned Aircraft

Pipistrel selects Honeywell’s revolutionary small UAV SATCOM System for all Unmanned Aircraft platforms