Cranfield University

Altitude Angel accepts the ‘University Challenge’

Altitude Angel’s industry experts to guest lecture at Cranfield University

New radar at Cranfield Airport

Cranfield Airport is extending its capabilities with the construction of a new radar surveillance system, which will be the first on-site radar facility in 30 years.

UK awards £9.5m to build first advanced electric flight ecosystem

UK Government awards £9.5m to British consortium to build world first advanced electric flight ecosystem

Integrating drones in urban airspaces

European demonstration programme begins at Cranfield

Is DLT the answer to crewed/uncrewed aircraft sharing the same airspace?

Dimitrios Panagiotakopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Uncrewed Aircraft systems Traffic Management (UTM), Cranfield University discusses the need for DLT in ATM/UTM systems.

Looking ahead for Upper Airspace traffic management

Space traffic management - how close are we?

The future of aviation starts with connectivity

What might the future hold in the next five to ten or more years for ATM.

Technology innovations for aviation in new Cranfield University and Inmarsat report

Technology innovations to revolutionise aviation unveiled in new Cranfield University and Inmarsat report