The Ellas Vuelan Alto association, whose aim is to bring women from the aerospace industry into the limelight, recognises ENAIRE for its work to encourage gender equality and diversity.

Ellas Vuelan Alto presented its "Company Award" to ENAIRE for its notable role in implementing gender diversity and equality policies. According to Gema Martín del Burgo, the association's president, "ENAIRE, a company that has been with us from the start, this year launched its "ENAIRE en femenino" project, a collaborative network that provides an opportunity to showcase professional women with different occupations, training and visions. This networking space provides job opportunities for these women in the sector, and addresses the importance of equality in the professional development and leadership of women".

Milagros Gutiérrez, who picked up the prize and is the head of the Administrative Division of ENAIRE's General Management, stated: "At ENAIRE, our commitment to equality and diversity is firm and is part of our project to transform as a company. Our contribution to society involves promoting and endorsing the values of equality between men and women, among our employees, and supporting every initiative that furthers the cause of these values in our organisation.

ENAIRE has long had very progressive Equality Policies, which, in some cases, have even been recognised for their innovation. But this doesn't mean that we have reached our goal. We are still working to improve every day and to take part in projects that contribute to our growth and to achieving a better, more egalitarian and fairer society"

María López, head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, thanked Eva for her inspiration and support in making the ENAIRE En Femenino network a reality, and dedicated this prize to all the great women professionals at ENAIRE. 50% of ENAIRE's Board of Directors is made up of women, who also hold 49% of management positions, including on the company's two union boards.

This year's "Individual Award" went to the female professionals in the Armed Forces and the Administration, especially in the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, who took part in the repatriation from Afghanistan, showcasing Spain as an example of solidarity and efficiency.

Ellas Vuelan Alto was created three years ago to increase women's participation in public and professional life. Since then, its members have been working inclusively toward equality between women and men, for the benefit of our common social and economic development, eliminating any discrimination against women and encouraging the creation of networks for women in aerospace companies.