ERA company (a member of OMNIPOL group) is honored to inform about a contract award for a project WAM West in Poland. ERA, acting in the consortium with the ATC Branch of the local company GISS, signed a contract to deliver a Wide Area Multilateration/ADS-B system to cover the airspace above the western part of Poland, including the Terminal Manoeuvring Area of the Poznan airport. The consortium’s proposal has been chosen by Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) after a public bidding procedure in the middle of April.

According to the contract provisions, WAM/ADS-B system sensors will be delivered and installed on multiple PANSA sites. The heart of the system is ERA’s system MSS-5, the latest generation of the world-wide recognized and proven Multilateration multi-sensor Surveillance System by ERA.

“ERA-GISS consortium is responsible for providing a turn-key solution together with network equipment, radio and FO links. The contract includes a Service Level Agreement to ensure the proper availability of the system over the following years. We are excited about being part of another important project in the development of the Polish critical infrastructure,“ stated Bartosz Peas on behalf of GISS.

The system will consist of 13 ground stations covering nearly half of the plain land of the Polish territory and the dual Central Processing Station located in Poznan. There is an option to do an extension of 10 plus GS in the future as part of the agreement. ERA, GISS and PANSA already held a kick-off meeting, followed by a site survey of the proper locations. The project should be completed over a challenging 12 month period.

ERA is a well-known supplier in Poland, having obtained experiences there thanks to the previous project of commissioning a surface monitoring system (NEO by ERA multilateration system) to the international Warsaw Chopin Airport in the Polish capital. The next step will be applying to provide the coverage of other part of Poland’s airspace in a tender for WAM South.