TactiCall VCS will be integrated with the traffic management systems to provide air traffic controllers with a robust and user-friendly communication interface that delivers enhanced situational awareness, a collaborative working environment and resource sharing across networked and virtualised operation Remote Tower centres.

Saab’s r-TWR solutions is optimised to use the integration of Tactiall VCS. A solution that gives a clean and uniform user interface for the operators, providing a better overview and thereby minmising errors. The integrated communication solution is built on the same successful core technology as other TactiCall solutions, currently in active service within the Air Force, Navy and several civilian applications globally. As part of Saab’s Remote tower solution, TactiCall VCS will optimise, modernise, and future proof Air Traffic Control Centres all over the world.

“TactiCall will add significant value to our r-TWR product and integrated offer. Voice Communications is a critical component and this will pave the way for increased automation and smart digital solutions,” says Per Ahl, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS)

The system will enable Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) to address key challenges such as increasing capacity, flexibility, safety and efficiency as well as reduction of operational costs. In addition, it will greatly support adaptation to rapid technical evolution and upcoming requirements.

Saab’s IP based system enables full-featured ground-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communication, compliant with the latest international ATC standards: EUROCAE ED-136, ED-137C and ED-138 and with its open API, it allows for easy and seamless integration into the overlying platforms, such as the Remote Tower.