Saab has been successfully accredited under the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment Approved Organisation Scheme (AAOS) by the UK Military Aviation Authority and is approved to develop, provide, install and maintain ATM equipment for customers in the UK Ministry of Defence under Regulatory Article 1027. This is an important step required to be able to deliver ATM equipment to the UK Armed Forces.

The AAOS approval was achieved following a year-long effort of working alongside the UK’s Military Aviation Authority (MAA). It is noteworthy as being the first AAOS ever issued for a delivery organisation for military Digital Tower ATM equipment, a unique achievement for Saab.

“This is an important step for us to support the UK MOD with the expansion of digital towers and we are proud to have the only accredited solution that complies with their regulations.” says Per Ahl, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

The MAA, established in April 2010, is one of the world’s premier defence aviation safety bodies, recognised globally for its high standards and risk- based safety focus. This approval further strengthens Saab’s UKcredentials, building on the Civil Aviation Authority’s approval gained in 2018.

Other Saab Digital Air Traffic Solution approvals include certification to provide Air Traffic Services and MET-observation services according to EU-regulation (EU) 2017/373, providing digital ATC as a service at four Swedish airports. Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions also holds ISO certification 9001, 14001 and 27001.