LVNL (the Dutch ANSP) has made it possible for commercial flight plan providers to submit VFR flight plans more easily and safely by using R-SYS developed CFSP API. This allows LVNL to process flight plans more quickly and some of this work by the LVNL Flight Service Center (responsible for FPL handling at LVNL) is further automated. LVNL is the first air traffic control organization in Europe to do this, in collaboration with supplier R-SYS.

One of the tasks of the Flight Service Center of LVNL is to check and approve general aviation VFR flight plans, for instance for private pilots or business & helicopter operators. The FSC also provides information about everything that takes place in Dutch airspace. Until recently, commercial flight plan providers provided all flight plans by email. Through a link between the various systems, flight plan providers can now submit VFR flight plans to the same system, where pilots can also submit a flight plan directly and where all important information about the airspace can be found; on the website This therefore benefits the commercial providers, pilots and LVNL itself. The process is also safer because the chance of human error is reduced.

Collaboration with Commercial Flight Plan Service Providers

LVNL came up with the concept for this new system connection in collaboration with supplier R-SYS. This concept was then tested with the three Commercial Flight Plan Service Providers (CFSPs) with which LVNL is currently working. The system connection with the first commercial flight plan provider (EuroFPL) is live and in use since November 2023. It is expected that two other CFSPs will join in the first half of 2024.

Peak load management at Flight Service Centre

Team manager of the FSC is happy with the result. “This is a great step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of this process for the FSC. The FSC has a very high peak load and the new system connection helps to manage this. This improves mutual communication, reduces sensitivity to errors, flight plans are received faster and can also be processed faster.”

LVNL project leader adds: “The service level is increasing because flight plans can be processed faster and it becomes safer because email is no longer used in the operational process. We are taking a step forward in technology and cybersecurity.”