The awards presented by The Business Concept brand are intended to recognize the continued efforts of aviation companies, manufacturers and service providers across the industry.

For the third consecutive year, the company AI Global Media, under the brand The Business Concept, has presented the winners of the Aviation & Aerospace Awards and PrimeCor Systems has been awarded in the category Best UAV Safety Augmentation System Company.

PrimeCor technology has been developed to improve the safety and reliability of unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS) to ensure optimal operational performance executing safety-critical missions in U-space areas while ensuring compliance with high-safety and reliability requirements of civil authorities.

PrimeCor Systems is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of hardware and software technology that enables UAVs to perform advanced, high-risk and BVLOS operations. This system offers functionalities designed for the safety of pilots, operation and their vehicles, such as geofence, fleet management, contingency planning and emergency recovery.