Avinor, the Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), manages a complex and growing airspace featuring both crewed and uncrewed traffic, which requires complete operational awareness and regular status information of its technical resources and infrastructure. By implementing an overall operational monitoring solution, the efficiency of airspace management can be enhanced.

The Frequentis Advanced-NMS solution will enable Avinor to monitor their growing and complex countrywide infrastructure from one centralised tool, as well as enable fast, proactive, and effective responses to unplanned outages and emergency situations. It will also provide real-time performance monitoring of the quality of each system and will strengthen the overall security of Avinor’s operations. Thanks to the solution’s scalability, it can grow hand in hand with the development of their environment, enabling its use for decades to come.

“We have been working closely with Frequentis for many years and find them to be a reliable business partner. They have a high level of understanding of our organisation and of our specific needs. The growing complexity of our legacy monitoring systems was gradually making our work harder, so we are grateful to be offered this more future-proof solution to further improve our operations,“ says Ellen Lystad, Director for ANS Technology Development in Avinor.

In modern ATM operations, the complexity and scale of systems is growing. ANSPs must integrate legacy equipment with state-of-the-art digital technologies, while managing dynamically changing flight volume. The Frequentis Advanced-NMS also allows ANSPs to adopt new contingency scenarios to increase overall operational flexibility. Fully customisable alarms, reports, and the capability to monitor from the overall network level down to the individual Air Traffic Management (ATM) service level are just some of the solutions’ capabilities.

“Thanks to the modularity of the Frequentis network monitoring solution, we can answer specific customer needs, now as well as in the future, because our solution can evolve with Avinor’s requirements. This offers flexibility and scalability, as well as future-proof confidence that it will support their needs for decades to come,” says Hannu Juurakko Frequentis Executive Vice President ATM Civil and Chairman of the Frequentis ATM Executive Board.

Frequentis and Avinor have worked on numerous projects together since 2012, including the provision of an uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system to support Norway in its drone strategy, and voice communication systems (VCS) for multiple tower renewals, as well as a major oil field in the North Sea. Most recently Avinor selected Frequentis’ multi-redundant X10 VCS for the control centres in Royken, Stavanger, and optionally Bodo, to create true location-independence for ATM operations.