The new Aviation Academy (AvAC), owned and run by CLEARWISDOM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offers world-class services for Air Traffic Controller training to the local community. Students have access to CLEARWISDOM’s experts and facilities, including Micro Nav’s market-leading BEST ATC simulator set up with aerodrome, en-route and approach capabilities.

The simulator was delivered during COVID-19 travel restrictions which prohibited travel from the UK to Malaysia. Micro Nav collaborated with CLEARWISDOM on this remote project for their new training centre, with the teams working together respectively from Malaysia and the UK.

Following receipt of the recommended hardware list, CLEARWISDOM locally procured and installed the simulator hardware at the AvAC, configured the network and operating systems and installed the BEST software and customised data. All the onsite work was completed following online remote training and guidance from Micro Nav in the UK during mutual working hours. After completion of the installation, Micro Nav’s Instructors conducted remote technical and operator training for the CLEARWISDOM experts to maximise the use of their BEST simulator.

Micro Nav is a trusted ATC simulator supplier in the Asia Pacific region, and this collaboration was instrumental for CLEARWISDOM to secure local and international business. CLEARWISDOM CEO says: “Congratulation to the installation team from both sides. It has been a remarkable effort to complete the project remotely during the pandemic and to achieve the desired results on time. The system is now fully functioning and we are excited to explore the business opportunities utilising Beginning to End Simulator & Training (BEST) software provided by Micro Nav.”

Years of experience in supporting its global customer base, often remotely, gives Micro Nav’s customers access to simulation experts in the event of an unexpected issue, ensuring minimum down time and subsequent loss of simulation time. This experience was further extended during the pandemic with this latest remote installation for another key site in the region.