Managing NOTAM requests from various airports and originators can be challenging, often resulting in difficulties tracking proposals and ensuring their accuracy before publication. To address this, R-SYS has developed the NOTAM Portal system, streamlining the entire process from proposal creation to publishing on the EAD.

The Challenge

In the Netherlands, numerous airports regularly submit NOTAM requests to the NOF (NOTAM Office), a part of the LVNL Flight Service Centre, which must validate and verify each proposal for accuracy. While some requests are straightforward, many require multiple revisions and exchanges between originators and the NOF.

The Solution

The R-SYS NOTAM Portal provides a centralized platform accessible to both originators and NOF staff. Originators, grouped by organization, can manage proposals directly within the web-based tool. After validating proposals using the EAD AIMSL NOTAM validation API, originators submit them to the NOF. Once submitted, proposals appear on the NOF's screens for review and processing. NOF staff can examine proposals, offer modifications, and exchange comments with originators before finalizing and sending them to the EAD for publication.

Operational usage

Since its launch on February 22, the NOTAM Portal has processed numerous proposals, garnering positive feedback from originators and LVNL NOF staff alike. Users appreciate the system's intuitive interface, reduction in workload, and improved visibility into NOTAM request statuses.