L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) has been awarded the initial planning and design phase of a potential $343 million (USD), 10-year contract to modernize Airservices Australia’s enterprise-wide telecommunications network.

Under the first phase of this program, L3Harris will design organization-wide voice and data networking, VHF radio communications and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance capability to Australia’s air navigation system.

“Building a strong partnership between L3Harris, Australian industry and Airservices Australia is one of the keys to a successful program” said Alan Clements, Vice President, L3Harris Technologies Australia. “The technology and experience of L3Harris in delivering reliable and secure air navigation telecommunications networks around the world demonstrates how we can provide a platform for future Airservices Australia innovations through safe, secure and efficient air navigation services.”

In partnership with Airservices, L3Harris will lead a consortium to plan and design an integrated, enterprise system to support all telecommunications, radio communications, ADS-B surveillance and network services for the National Airways System, including support for civil aviation, and aviation rescue and firefighting services. For the initial planning and design phase of the program, the consortium members will provide the following services:

  • NTT Australia will provide overall network and site design for the enterprise and operational, air traffic network and telecommunications;
  • Thales Australia will provide system design for the new ADS-B surveillance service and engineering services to ensure safe and secure implementation;
  • Rohde & Schwarz Australia will provide design services to modernize the nationwide VHF radio network with their latest version of voice-over-IP VHF air traffic control radios; and
  • Ventia will provide site audit, system site design and installation planning services for this initial phase of the program.

L3Harris has designed and delivered mission-critical aviation communications, surveillance, and information management capabilities for more than three decades. In partnership with air navigation service providers around the world, the company provides highly secure and reliable connectivity for mission-critical air traffic control systems for some of the most complex and busiest airspaces in the world including the United States and India. Together, L3Harris managed-infrastructures cover more than 180 million square kilometers (70 million square miles), totaling one third of the world’s total airspace.