IHSE is proud to announce a groundbreaking new product: Draco tera IP Gateway. The Draco tera IP Gateway provides IHSE KVM users with the ability to bridge multiple KVM matrices over existing IP networks within buildings, across campuses and between remote corporate offices or airports. It combines the high levels of security and performance of the Draco tera KVM system with the flexibility and ease of connectivity inherent in IP-based network communication. Therefore, it allows users to access remote computers and interact in real-time with minimal latency and no visible artefacts, with the full confidence of a highly secure KVM system.

In addition to the high level of security of data transmitted throughout IHSE’s KVM switching and extension systems, Secure Core™ technology prevents direct access to the data within the KVM system from the IP network. This maintains the integrity of the KVM system and is consistent with the IHSE philosophy of secure separation of core matrix and IP networks as an effective countermeasure to potential cyber attacks.

The Draco tera IP Gateway combines the best of both worlds. Allowing secure, IP-routable site networking of KVM matrix systems without compromising operational flexibility, security or maintainability. It currently supports up to eight bidirectional grid lines for bidirectional KVM operation with video resolutions of up to 4k30 with a view to be expanded to 4k60 in the near future.

The solution addresses existing customers as well as new customers to allow them an easy expansion or flexible new installation of an IHSE KVM system. The Draco tera IP Gateway delivers two significant advantages: flexible, secure matrix interconnectivity and the ability for users to access any end computer on the KVM system from any remote IP workplace within an existing gigabit network.