Indra is one of the main technology partners of Swiss air navigation service provider Skyguide, ensuring safe and efficient air traffic and airport operations. The companies have recently completed the implementation of the Advanced Runway Safety Improvement (ARSI) solution at Geneva Airport after the great results obtained in Zurich, where this solution has boosted safety since its deployment in 2019.

The ARSI solution improves runway safety by automatically detecting if air traffic control gives conflicting clearances or if a pilot does not follow instructions. In case of conflicting clearances or non-conformance, the air traffic controller automatically gets an electronic warning, allowing more time to react and prevent potential critical situations. In 2019, Indra and Skyguide were honoured with Jane’s ATC Award after implementing the solution at Zurich Airport, characterized by its intersecting runways.

Geneva is one of the world’s busiest single-runway airports with 18 million passengers in 2019. State-of-the- art air traffic control systems are a prerequisite for maximizing the operational efficiency and airport capacity. Skyguide uses the InNOVA ground surveillance system from Indra, and the recent enhancements will improve air traffic controllers’ situational awareness. The implementation in Geneva demonstrates that advanced safety alerts (A-SMGCS stage 3+) is beneficial also to single-runway airports.

At Zürich Airport, airport safety and efficiency has been further enhanced by modernizing the airfield ground lightning (AGL) system. Indra has contributed to the project by integrating the management of the AGL system into Skyguide’s existing ground surveillance system. The ground surveillance system, provided by Indra, is the main system used to support air traffic controllers’ decision making. Having a single user interface for multiple functionalities increases their situational awareness and efficiency.

"Our partnership with Indra exemplifies our commitment to introducing cutting-edge technology in air navigation services. This collaboration not only underscores our dedication to providing safe and efficient air navigation services but also highlights our role as an innovation leader in the industry", says Klaus Meier, Skyguide's CTO.

Andrew Fiamingo, Managing Director of Indra’s subsidiary in Norway, comments: “The collaboration we maintain with Skyguide has allowed us to bring to the market cutting-edge developments that help air navigation service providers around the world maintain regular traffic at the times when they need it most at their airports, under adverse weather conditions or when demand peaks.”

Indra and Skyguide have collaborated closely on several pioneering projects within ground surveillance and navigation systems throughout the years. Their combined expertise has led to innovations such as the ultrawide localizer which enhances runway capacity and is now in use at multiple airports around the world.