Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) and the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), the training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic training partnership in aviation training. The MoU was signed by Mr Wonsoon Park, Director (Global Training) of Incheon Airport Aviation Academy (IAAA), Ms Paula Vieira de Almeida, Chief Executive Officer of JAA TO, and Ms Charmaine Liu, Director (International Relations/Singapore Aviation Academy), CAAS on 1 May 2024 at the 3rd International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Implementation Support Symposium.

Under the MoU, the three ICAO Training Centres of Excellence (TCE) will jointly offer aviation training programmes with global coverage and to foster industry advancement through shared expertise. The MoU follows productive discussions and planning after the three organisations signed their Letter of Intent at a joint meeting at the ICAO in Montreal in November 2023.

This MoU is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of the partnering institutions to strengthen cooperation between civil aviation training academies. The partnership aims to promote the enhancement of training standards across continents, ensuring greater safety, security, and sustainability within the global aviation landscape.

Through this collaboration, IAAA, JAA TO and SAA will leverage their collective resources and expertise to create innovative training solutions, workshops and capacity-building programmes that address the needs of the Europe/North-Atlantic and Asia Pacific markets. IAAA, JAA TO and SAA will also develop and deliver unique course curricula that offer aviation professionals access to a global aviation pathway. The three academies will launch the first joint programme titled the A7 (representing the 7As in IAAA-JAA TO-SAA) Global Aviation Safety Certificate Programme (GSCP), setting a new benchmark in international aviation safety education.

Hag Jae Lee, President & CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation, commented, "We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership among three leading global training institutions in the aviation industry today. By integrating the capabilities of three training organizations and developing an industry-leading joint program, we aim to support the development of both current and future generations of aviation professionals who seek the most comprehensive and globally recognized training program. Commencing with the Global Safety Certificate Programme, three institutions will embark on various initiatives through strategic collaboration, elevating the industry standard.”

Paula V. de Almeida, JAA TO CEO, remarks: "Today marks a significant milestone for our organisations as we enter this triform cooperation between leading ICAO Training Centres of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) to establish a unique educational curriculum with global brand recognition. This partnership represents a groundbreaking approach to aviation training, where collective knowledge and capabilities are harnessed to empower aviation professionals around the world. The launch of our first Global Safety Certificate Programme will be the beginning of a series of attractive trainee-exchange-like programmes offering aviation professionals a truly global experience."

Charmaine Liu, Director of SAA, added, "SAA is delighted to partner with IAAA and JAA TO, harnessing our respective strengths to offer a diverse range of programmes that will meet the current and emerging needs of States and industry. This partnership builds on our commitment to advance international aviation by bringing together expertise from Europe, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore, to build a strong pipeline of qualified civil aviation professionals with deep expertise for the aviation sector.”

The joint training initiatives will commence in Summer/Fall 2024, with enrolment open for the A7 Global Safety Certificate Programme (GSCP). Interested parties are encouraged to contact the respective organisations for more information on course offerings and enrolment procedures.