The Federal Police Air Support Unit is using the PHOENIX WebInnovation system to support their operational planning. The system was developed by DFS Aviation Services GmbH.

The system’s cloud-based radar display has been used in the Federal Police Air Support’s five operation centres since 2021. Thanks to the cloud-based and location-independent radar display PHOENIX WebInnovation, reliable air situation information in air traffic control quality can be called up at any time and nationwide, facilitating the stationary and mobile operational planning of the German Federal Police.

Through this innovative tool, police personnel have access to precise position data in real time for all IFR and VFR air traffic as well as their own helicopters, based on modern radar technology. 

“With PHOENIX WebInnovation, we were able to put an extremely reliable and flexible tool into operation to display the air traffic situation, which successfully supports us in handling day-to-day tasks and challenging operations,” explains Torsten Frank, Head of Department, and pilot for the German Federal Police Air Support Group. 

Andreas Pötzsch, Managing Director of DAS, adds: “We are pleased that the Federal Police Air Support Group are using our system successfully in their operations and that we can provide them with reliable air traffic control data.” 

The German Federal Police Air Support Group has four helicopter squadrons located throughout Germany and carries out flight operations to support everyday Federal Police tasks. This includes, in particular, border, rail and maritime surveillance. The operation of civil defence helicopters completes the daily tasks of the Federal Police Air Support Group.