‘’We are pleased to be supporting Liverpool John Lennon airport with our systems and expertise as we modernise their voice communication systems. The X10 is our latest VCS system and is designed to have operational agility and a future-proof update strategy that will ensure business continuity throughout air traffic management (ATM) operations,’’ says Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Executive Vice President ATM Civil and Chairman of the ATM Executive Board.

Frequentis will implement its flagship VCS 3020X for the main system and its next generation VCS, the X10. Based on an agile service-oriented architecture, the X10 opens the door for the future of voice communications. It is designed from its origin to be open for integration with other systems to enable new concepts such as the unified aeronautical communication solutions.

“We chose the Frequentis VCS 3020X and X10 VCS based on our previous experience with the company’s systems and their experience in the market, delivering to a number of other UK airports. Being ED-137 compliant, it fully supports the digitalisation of ATC communications, and the standardised implementation and interoperability of voice over IP (VoIP), allowing us to enhance airport operations and maintain safety as airspace demands change,” says Paul Staples, Director of Airport Operations at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Frequentis X10 VCS implements the multi-redundancy concept. This also includes the market-unique feature of parallel delivery of two audio streams for every air/ground connection to guarantee uninterrupted audio, even in case of single network outage. This means that switch-over time no longer exists. X10 leads the way and adds value to every ATC operation.

ATCSL are a wholly owned company within the Peel Airports Group, who owns Liverpool Airport. The systems are currently being installed and configured with site and factory acceptance tests taking place in the latter half of 2023.