Frequentis and ST Engineering Advanced Networks & Sensors Pte Ltd (ANS), a subsidiary of ST Engineering in Singapore, have agreed to develop their cooperation on deployable digital tower solutions within Singapore and Southeast Asia through the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The MoU forms a mutual commitment for the delivery of military and non-military use cases using commercial deployable air traffic control technologies for defence, civil resource, and human disaster relief sectors. Through cross training and collaborative scope of delivery sharing, Frequentis and ST Engineering ANS look to build a partnership that will provide the most advanced, capable, and reliable deployable digital tower solutions for customers.

“Working together with ST Engineering ANS on this common goal to bring digital tower technology to the region is one that we welcome as a global supplier aiming to lead the way through innovation. Our goal is always to provide our customers with solutions that enhance operations,” says Martin Chaloupek, Managing Director Frequentis Singapore.

Frequentis, a global supplier of safety-critical communication and information systems, with a regional office in Singapore, has developed cutting-edge digital tower technology to support both civil and defence organisations. A number of high-profile references including Germany, South America, Jersey British Isles, and a deployable solution for US Department of Defense, among others, showcase the technology’s significance for potential customers in Asia. By leveraging ST Engineering’s domain and engineering expertise in mobile platform systems and its regional footprint around Singapore, this close collaboration will open many business opportunities in this region.