Cirium Sky leverages the latest technology to democratise data and unify it in one place to enable businesses to identify operational inefficiencies, lower costs, reduce financial risks, and identify new service opportunities.  

With the availability of comprehensive historical and predicted aircraft fuel burn and CO2emissions data, Cirium Sky offers a deep range of aviation datasets. This includes global schedules and connections, flight status, air traffic management, weather, global aircraft fleet, fares and passenger traffic.

Jeremy Bowen, Cirium CEO, said: “We developed Cirium Sky to offer a single-source solution to the market, where businesses can access Cirium’s extensive data warehouse in the cloud, at any time or place. “The level of precision and accuracy of Cirium’s CO2 emissions calculations for flights far exceeds estimates available today and accessing this data via Cirium Sky enables our clients to fulfil their sustainability objectives faster and more cost effectively.”

As the aviation industry rebuilds from the impact of the pandemic, the need for businesses to report on their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) footprint has increasingly taken centre stage. 

Reducing aviation’s emissions will require airlines, airports, Air Service Navigation Providers (ANSPs), aircraft financiers and manufacturers, and travel companies to use accurate data which considers many variables that can impact a flight’s emissions. This includes, but is not limited to, aircraft and engine specifications, airline schedules and actual flight operations. 

Andrew O’Connor, Cirium VP of Journey and Sustainability, said: “We have seen a lack of consistency in the flight emissions reporting so far, which has driven less consensus on agreed metrics to be used to measure emissions effectively. “The Cirium team is on a mission to establish the standard for accurate carbon emissions data and are focused on historical and predicted fuel burn and emissions per aircraft, the flight and the cabin seat class. These building blocks are core to almost all aviation sustainability use cases.”

The accuracy of Cirium’s data and analytics is supported by strong data partnerships with over 900 airlines, airports worldwide, ADS-B satellite tracking, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and more.