Unifly and Skypuzzler are excited to announce their collaboration in a Eureka Eurostars project aimed at revolutionising the world of drone technology. The two industry leaders have joined forces to combine their cutting-edge solutions. Unifly's Unmanned Traffic Management solution and Skypuzzler's Digital Air Traffic Control will empower drones to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) while avoiding collisions with other drones, airspace users, and obstacles.

As the use of drones continues to increase across industries, safety in the skies becomes crucial. Unifly and Skypuzzler's collaboration takes us one step closer to this goal, supporting the European Commission's drone strategy 2.0 and the European Green Deal by enabling the seamless use of drones pivotal in lowering CO2 emission.

Andres Van Swalm, CEO and Co-Founder of Unifly: "In our pursuit of enabling the future of autonomous aviation, Unifly is thrilled to join forces with Skypuzzler to fast-track the advancement of UAM safety. As pioneers in UTM development, we have earned industry-wide recognition as thought leaders. As a leading UTM technology provider, our utmost commitment remains to enhancing the safety and efficiency of everyday autonomous aviation. Together, we are reshaping the global drone and UTM industry, and I am confident that our combined dedication will accelerate the realisation of our shared vision."

Jesper Skou, CEO and Co-founder of Skypuzzler: "At Skypuzzler, we thrive on innovation, and our partnership with Unifly is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of autonomous aviation. By integrating our cutting-edge Digital Air Traffic Control solution with Unifly's renowned UTM technology, we are pushing the boundaries of flight safety in drone operations. Together, we're not only transforming the drone- and UTM industry; we're setting a new standard for what's possible for the industry. Our collaboration is a beacon of progress, lighting the way toward a safer and more efficient future for autonomous aviation."