ERA Company was recently awarded a contract for the surface and WAM multilateration system at the Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport in Andalucía. The contract was assigned by ENAIRE, the Spanish ANS provider, in January 2022. A brand-new version of ERA MLAT system MSS- 5 will replace the older multilateration system. The company will cooperate on the project with its tried and tested Spanish partner SEAIRTECH as the prime contractor, who will be responsible for the actual installation.

The Málaga project is an important milestone in ERA technological development due to its pioneering use of the recently introduced MSS-5 system, an enhanced version of the ERA traditional product MSS (Multilateration Surveillance System). This is yet another pilot project in Spain for ERA after the first ever installation of an original MSS system abroad at Mallorca airport 20 years ago.

ERA will install the net of ground stations (GS), which is intended to replace the on-site system plus provide an extension of coverage for a second runway. It should cover not only the airport surface area but also the flying corridors in its vicinity – thanks to GS located on the surrounding hills. The proposed MSS-5 system is designed according to newly applied ATM standards.

The implementation of ERA system will be applied within the full function of an existing MLAT system until the final acceptance by the customer, thus providing the seamless transition between both systems for end user.  “The end user appreciated the fact that ERA began its mission immediately by sending engineers who launched the first phase of the project – the site survey of the airport infrastructure,” stated ERA Sales manager Jan Žemlička.