Through its subsidiaries IDS AirNav, global leader in the supply of aeronautical information management systems, and Techno Sky, the company in charge of the management and maintenance of flight assistance systems, ENAV SpA has signed four new contracts for the supply of systems to optimize flight data and improve airspace efficiency, with India, Norway, Romania and Kosovo. The total is worth approximately 11 million euros.

Pasqualino Monti, ENAV CEO, stated: Currently, there is a lot of demand on the global market for systems and technological advancements that guarantee the safety and effectiveness of flight operations. We are particularly proud of our ability to export innovations and services of the highest caliber in a highly complicated industry, as well as of having recognized this demand early—a proof that our group's business strategy is succeeding.”

Specifically, contracts were signed with:

Airport Authority of India (AAI) for upgrading the Aeronautical Information Management System that will be enhanced with specific tools for airport and navigation obstacle data, flight procedure design and validation, and airspace design. As part of the project, specific training and education is planned, to train personnel. The contract will last one year.

AVINOR, the Norwegian ANSP for the provision of the innovative aeronautical information management system "CRONOS," already in use by ENAV itself and by the Italian Air Force in addition to the well-established Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Romania and recently chosen also by the Civil Aviation Authority of Taiwan.

The CRONOS system, in line with ICAO requests, will support the management of NOTAMs (NOtice To AirMen - all useful information for pilots such as weather data, flight plans, messages and pre-flight bulletins). The contract will last 2 years.

ROMATSA, the Romanian ANSP for the provision of the "Traffic Complexity Tool," the automated system for managing and optimizing flights within certain portions of airspace for a more efficient planning of traffic flows, helping to optimize the capacity and efficiency of operational activities and reducing environmental impact.

ANSHA, the Air Navigation Agency of Kosovo for the provision of a new air traffic management system that will improve the capacity of Kosovo's airspace by helping to increase flight efficiency and sustainability. The three-year contract also provides for the training of 18 new air traffic controllers.