ENAIRE plays a key role in the implementation of air mobility in Spain. As the responsible agency identified by the Ministry of Sustainable Transport and Mobility to implement the U-Space system in Spain, ENAIRE will, through its digital platform, provide the Common Information Services (CIS), which are essential to facilitate U-space services to drones and air mobility in cooperation with local air traffic services, so that all types of aircraft can fly safely in the same airspace.

SIAM, whose members include Ineco, Expodrónica, ITG, NTT DATA and Pinsent Mason, aims to become an international leader in innovation and high technology in the air mobility sector.

ENAIRE will collaborate with the association with the firm goal of promoting innovative air mobility and, in particular, with the Administrative Liaison Committee, which will be tasked with analysing issues presented to it by the coordinators of the projects to promote air mobility, or by any of its members.

This Committee, whose opinions will not be binding, will analyse the administrative, regulatory, urban, public and technical feasibility, as it seeks to find solutions that encourage air mobility in Spain and make it a reality, facilitating future drone operations involving goods and air taxis.

Enrique Maurer, CEO: “We are committed to incentivising innovative air mobility by helping to develop the initiatives that come out of SIAM”