ENAIRE, Spain's national air navigation service provider, through CRIDA, its research and development (R&D) subsidiary, and as part of its Open Innovation initiatives, is accepting applications for the third edition of the Technological Challenges in Air Traffic Management Competition, through 30 April.

"This annual competition aims to find innovative medium- and long-term solutions to technological challenges in the field of air transport", notes ENAIRE's CEO, Enrique Maurer. The competition is aimed at university and other kinds of research groups.

Technological solutions that are applicable to any area of activity are eligible, provided they focus on the provision of air traffic/air transport services. This contest will award a cash prize to the winning solution, which will be developed through a research agreement financed by ENAIRE/CRIDA.

Selection Committee

The competition has a Selection Committee, which is tasked with assessing the viability of each project.

The winning research group will sign an 18-month research agreement worth a total of 60,000 euros, which will be divided between the 2024 and 2025 budgets.

The aim is to develop the proposed solution to demonstrate its technical and financial adequacy and feasibility.

ENAIRE Open Innovation

The Business Ideas Competition in Air Traffic Management is part of the ENAIRE Open Innovation project. In 2023, this project will include the third edition of the Technical Challenge Competition and an acceleration phase for newly-created companies.

"With these initiatives, ENAIRE will promote turning entrepreneurial ideas into real projects through the Open Innovation concept, that is, by looking for talent outside the organisation as well, such as in universities and among entrepreneurs inside and outside the sector", says CRIDA's director, José Miguel de Pablo.