The Governing Board of ENAIRE, Spain's air navigation service provider, has analysed and approved the evaluation of the 2025 Strategic Plan, which summarises the main results and achievements obtained to date involving its strategic objectives of safety, service quality, sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness, internationalisation and business development, people and transformation.

The Evaluation of the Flight Plan (PV2025) presents ENAIRE's achievements in the three major strategic areas, which include the 11 plans and the 38 initiatives of the 2025 Flight Plan: Services (including safety, quality, sustainability and efficiency), Internationalisation and Business Development, and People and Transformation. The main achievements of the first two years of the 2025 Flight Plan are shown below, by area.

Better services

The improvement in safety, service quality, sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness has been a constant in the first two years of the 2025 Flight Plan. Since 2020, ENAIRE has been ranked number 1 in Europe in the Safety Management System (highest score in the EoSM indicator).

In terms of service quality, we note the progress made implementing Free Route and approach procedures based on satellite navigation. Moreover, route charges remain below 2019, and since 2020, they have been the lowest of any major European provider.

ENAIRE's quality of service, with a much lower level of delays than other major European providers, has also been recognised internationally, especially in recent years. On the economic front, ENAIRE has had no debt since 2019 (it exceeded 517 million euros in 2011). In 2022, ENAIRE reported an all-time high investment of 168.9 million euros, especially to modernise its technology.

ENAIRE chaired the iTEC Alliance in 2021 and the A6 Alliance in 2022, and participated in the creation of the new European SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and the European Development Consortium (SESAR Deployment and Infrastructure Partnership).

New business developments

ENAIRE is continuing to develop U-space and is in the process of being designated an initial provider of common information services (CIS) for drones.

As part of its internationalisation efforts and the development of new strategic services, STARTICAL was created jointly between ENAIRE and INDRA (50%). This is a pioneering project to provide satellite surveillance and communication services worldwide. ENAIRE is also taking part in establishing the ATS Joint Governance of the Datalink Service, which came into force in October 2021, following the signature of the 18 parties involved in the process.

Transformation and Sustainability

ENAIRE placed its Innovation Management System in operation in 2021. Also in 2021, an agreement was signed with universities to jointly manage the Master's in Air Navigation Services Management.

In 2021, ENAIRE obtained the EFQM 500 Seal from the Club de Excelencia en Gestión. New process digitisation and automation tools have been implemented, and ENAIRE has modernised its governance and management model.

In Sustainability, significant savings were achieved in 2021-2022: 2.5 million nautical miles not flown, equivalent to 116 trips around the Earth; 87,000 tonnes of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere; 27,600 tonnes of fuel saved, equivalent to 13.5 million euros.