On Monday, 23 January, the Headquarters of the Air and Space Force hosted a meeting between the Chief of Staff of the Air and Space Force, General Javier Salto Martínez-Avial, and ENAIRE's CEO, Angel Luis Arias, together with their management teams.

Civil-military coordination in airspace management and control and in the provision of air navigation services is essential for the development of civil aviation and of military operations, as these pertain to the flexible use of airspace and to the management of new scenarios involving the massive use of drones and high-altitude and space operations.

As a demonstration of the need and importance of this collaboration, in 2020, ENAIRE added to its structure the Civil Military Coordination Division, which is headed by a general-rank officer in the Air and Space Force, and whose mission is to enhance this collaboration at all levels.

ENAIRE and the Air and Space Force interact and collaborate constantly as part of their ongoing effort to achieve safer, more efficient and sustainable aviation, and to ensure the completion of the surveillance, security and control of sovereign airspace, and spatial surveillance missions of the Air and Space Force.