Through a recent announcement by Wingcopter, ATM Magazine learned about an organisation called Flying Labs Network. Wingcopter has joined this alliance in order to specifically work with UAV del Peru  who is part of Peru Flying Labs, to provide cargo drones enabling access to medical products for hard-to-reach communities in the Peruvian Andes.

The wider remit of Flying Labs goes well beyond the Latin America region.  They also work in Africa, Asian and Spain, describing themselves as a global network of independent knowledge hubs convening local experts in professional drone, data, robotics and AI services to shift power to local experts in order for them to lead local solutions to accelerate social projects for good.

With members in over thirty countries they work together to share innovation, training and technology. The focus is on humanitarian, health, environmental, and community development sectors. Initially founded in 2016, the statistics are impressive for what has been accomplished to date. Diversity and education are key components of the program. Women represent more than 26% of the members and 75% of the local organisations have youth STEM programs in order to facilitate the growth of future innovation.

Each activity contributes to one or several Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, the various activities have contributed to following SDGs. You can learn more about this organization here

Impact SDG Areas of Focus