In 2022, ENAIRE managed 10,325 flight requests, which was 70% more requests processed than in 2021. The number of operations with remotely piloted aircraft is estimated to have averaged 140 flights a day; about 50,000 flights a year. In 2021, the average was 76 flights a day

In December 2022, ENAIRE processed 673 requests, just over 200 of which were made under operational agreements with law enforcement and emergency services due to their need to conduct urgent flights as part of their duties.

The website allows professional drone operators to submit their aeronautical safety study (EAS/AERO) to fly in airspace under the responsibility of control towers and centres so that their requests can later be processed by the Operations Management units and the controllers involved in the operation.

ENAIRE Planea is integrated with other tools from ENAIRE's aeronautical information service, such as ENAIRE Drones ( and Insignia (, which has information on airspace classes, restricted areas, NOTAMs and other useful features for drone and general aviation pilots and airspace users, such as measuring and drawing tools, to let them check and plan their activities and flights.