CANSO Membership  in South America continues to grow, with the organisation welcoming CORPORACIÓN PERUANA DE AEROPUERTOS Y AVIACIÓN COMERCIAL S.A. – CORPAC as its newest full member. CORPAC is Peru’s air navigation services provider and has been keeping Peruvian skies safe for 80 years.

"We need to share and work with the ANSP community and joining CANSO will help us exchange best practices, learn and also for other ANSPs to learn from us,” commented Roberto Emilio De La Tore Aguayo, President, Board of Directors, CORPAC.  “We care for our great professionals, and while looking to the future, we find that CANSO is the international organisation that will collaborate with us to reach new frontiers," he added.

Simon Hocquard, CANSO's Director General, said, "We are pleased to welcome CORPAC as CANSO's newest full member. CORPAC's membership in CANSO opens new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, aligning with our strategy to support our members to prepare for the future. "

CORPAC participates in many regional initiatives supporting air traffic services, such as the end-to-end route optimisation trials from Atlanta – Lima – Atlanta which generated $368,950 in operational savings to the airlines and 1M kg of CO2. CORPAC also contributes to the CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA,) to mention a few. 

CADENA –– is an initiative to promote and facilitate the safe and efficient movement of air traffic in the Latin America and Caribbean region through effective implementation of air traffic flow management (ATFM) and collaborative decision-making (CDM). These processes and procedures facilitate data sharing and promote a common situational awareness that is vital to the safe, efficient, and harmonised flow of air traffic.

Through its membership with CANSO , CORPAC will gain access to a network of global ANSPs that support over 90 per cent of world air traffic, as well as the technology organisations and service providers that play a pivotal role in developing the next generation of ATM systems. CANSO fosters innovation and collaboration amongst its members to enhance ATM quality and drive excellence in air traffic management.

CORPAC marks the 12th member in the Latin America region and 91st globally.