In a unique collaboration, global leaders from more than 60 aviation and aerospace organisations have developed a roadmap that will enable them to acheive their cross-industry vision for the skies of 2045 and beyond.

The Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council, a forum of industry bodies, believes that a shared blueprint and joint action are vital to make sure that future skies are efficient, clean and safe and can generate global economic prosperity and social welfare.

The Council launched their vision at CANSO’s Executive Summit last October; “to create a global airspace that is safe, fair, intelligent and interoperable, leveraging revolutionized design, technology and services to power global mobility and prosperity”.

At the World ATM Congress in Madrid, they showcased the roadmap of long terms goals, actions and milestones that will enable them to achieve their vision.

As Eduardo García González, CANSO Manager of European ATM Coordination and Safety, commented; “It was clear from the start that the roadmap should be high-level – that we needed to focus on the big rocks. We did not want to just focus only on the technology but also the political, economic, legal, social, operational and environmental aspects critical to progress.“

In the next phase, the CATS Global Council will start putting this roadmap to practice.

“Implementing the roadmap is a challenging task, but it will allow us all to co-ordinate, focus and prioritise our energies on the right things we need to do to realise our vision, Eduardo added, during his presentation of the roadmap at the Expodronica Theater at the World ATM Congress.