Azeraeronavigation (AZANS), the air navigation service provider of the Azerbaijan Republic, has selected Aireon to provide its trusted and proven space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data for air traffic surveillance in Azerbaijan airspace.

The Aireon ADS-B data will complement ground surveillance to cover the complete BAKU FIR in Azerbaijan, at all altitudes. The airspace of the Azerbaijan Republic is 165,400 sq. km, 86,600 of which is over land and 78,800 sq. km is above the Caspian Sea. The length route network within the airspace of Azerbaijan Republic amounts to around 11,000 km.

“AZANS has taken a leadership role in improving safety and efficiency of air travel in the region,” said Don Thoma, Aireon CEO. “Building on Azerbaijan’s commitment to lead the development of space technologies in the region, AZANS has taken a major technological step forward by agreeing to implement Aireon space-based ADS-B surveillance data in their airspace. Aireon data will give AZANS a complete view of Azerbaijan airspace, providing their controllers with state-of-the art capability to navigate aircraft efficiently, safely, and in the most environmentally friendly manner.”

“The Aireon satellite-based air traffic surveillance system offers a solution that will radically optimize flight safety and efficiency and provide global flight tracking of airlines in real time. The introduction and full use of the system will provide surveillance of aircraft equipped with ADS-B, as well as allow for the selection of more convenient routes and altitudes,” said Mr. Jahangir Asgarov, President of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL). AZAL and AZANS are working together to implement new technologies to improve the country’s airspace efficiency.