ATM Awards 2023
In response to many requests following an extended holiday break, we have decided to extend the timeline to submit your ATM Awards entries until the 26th of January. Don't miss your chance to be recognised for achievements during the 2023 calendar year. This extension provides a little extra time to complete your content.

The awards aim to encourage pioneering concepts and acknowledge significant achievements by leaders, initiatives, and organisations in our industry. The categories for this year’s awards are focused on topics which are integral to our industry - Digital Transformation in ATM, Reimagining ATM Operations, Greener Skies, Resilience in ATM, and the Integration of drones/AAM. Activities need to have been implemented during 2023.

They are open to all ATM, UTM, UAM/AAM, UAS and C-UAS stakeholders - manufacturers, software developers, research agencies, standards organisations, air navigation service providers, regulators, drone service providers and operating companies, airports and aircraft operating companies.

If you have a question if your company is a fit, please contact us at or go directly to the submission page to complete your entry.