A big thank you to all of the organisations who have submitted their entries for the 2022 ATM Awards.

We've had an overwhelming amount of entries, so the competition is really tough this year! The scope of entries crossed many regions of the world. From locations in the east - Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore; to the Middle East - Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the Americas - Canada, Brazil and the United States; Europe and the UK. The amount of countries participating in the latter crossed 24 different locations!

There were also an expanded amount of different topics and company types submitting awards this year. There were ANSPs, airlines, airports, consultants, research institutions, universities, industry consortiums and solution vendors. Topics crossed ATM, UTM, UAM from many different perspectives and we even had our first startup entry. We need more startups to join into these programs for our industry to grow with new forms of innovation.

The entries are now with our esteemed panel of judges representing - Air Traffic Management magazine, CAAS, CANSO, EUROCONTROL, NASA, Thales, Unmanned Airspace, Verizon and Wing. We'd like to thank the judges in advance for taking their time to participate in this process and ensure we have a good cross-industry view for the final selections.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the short-listed entries the week of the 13th of February and mark your calendars for the awards ceremony on the first day of Airspace World, 8 March in Geneva. The exact time will be announced with the short list announcement.

Good luck to everyone who submitted an entry!