In a landmark move, Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) has announced the re-establishment of the strategic partnership with Commercial UAV Expo, underscoring their commitment to fostering collaboration for the advancement of the industry. Through this collaboration, future events in Europe will showcase an even more comprehensive overview of innovative and forward-thinking developments within the drone and air mobility sector.

This partnership brings together two powerhouses in the Drone and Air Mobility industry. ADW, renowned for its focus on air mobility, futuristic air operations and digital aviation, joins forces with Commercial UAV Expo, the leading specialist in commercial small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) applications under current regulations. The collaboration promises to elevate the conference and trade fair experience, merging ADW's global vision with Commercial UAV Expo's current-use case focus.

Commercial UAV Expo Europe and Amsterdam Drone Week will be co-located 8-10 April, 2025 at RAI Amsterdam. The Event brings together the whole drone and air mobility ecosystem under one roof with the aim to accelerate scalability and improve integration of air mobility services worldwide.  Commercial UAV Expo Europe will feature a traditional trade fair that brings together all relevant market players and will offer a complete overview of industrial and enterprise solutions across key industry segments, including Construction, Drone Delivery, Energy & Utilities, Forestry & Agriculture, Infrastructure & Transportation, Public Safety & Emergency Services, Security, and Surveying & Mapping. This focused approach ensures that attendees will engage with the most relevant education, contacts, technology, and services, tailored specifically to their industry needs.

Lee Corkhill, Group Event Director at Diversified Communications, organizer of Commercial UAV Expo, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with Amsterdam Drone Week is a significant milestone. Commercial UAV Expo's success in North America and the tremendous growth of the European UAS market have paved the way for Commercial UAV Expo Europe, enabling us to provide value for commercial sUAS end-users, solutions providers, and the commercial drone ecosystem in Europe. Driven by customer demand for a dedicated European event, our aim is to enhance accessibility to the industry and help propel the market forward.”

Nynke Lipsius Director Amsterdam Drone Week and Group Director Mobility at RAI Amsterdam adds: “We are truly excited to re-establish our partnership as we will be able to service the air mobility industry as a whole, making the global impact even bigger. This will lead to the acceleration of scalability and improve integration of air mobility services.”

Commercial UAV Expo's commitment to practical applications of drone technology complements ADW's visionary outlook on the future of drone taxis, urban air mobility, and integrated mobility services. This event would highlight small unmanned aerial systems and their current capabilities and brings together experts, professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss and explore various aspects of air mobility, including advancements in aviation technology, urban air mobility, drone technology, regulatory frameworks, sustainability, and the future of transportation.

The partnership signifies a convergence of the past, present, and future of drone technology, offering deep-dive discussions, solutions to key challenges faced by operators, and a glimpse into the future of mobility. By bringing together leading experts, technologies, and innovations, Commercial UAV Expo Europe and ADW are setting the stage for a groundbreaking event that will shape the future of the Air Mobility industry.