Airwayz, a leading Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) provider, announced the receipt of the U-Space Service Provider (USSP) License and Certification from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI). This significant milestone empowers Airwayz to monitor and automate the low-airspace management for drone services across Israeli U-Space, redefining the landscape of aerial operations with the highest level of safety and reliability.

With the primary focus on bolstering the safety and security of the Israeli Authorities, the CAAI has selected Airwayz as the first recipient of the USSP certification, which will now serve as the official license for aviation regulators to allow drone operations. Effective November 29, 2023, all approved commercial drone operators in Israel are required to broadcast their live location and establish connections with a USSP via a UTM provider. As a prominent player in the industry, Airwayz will consolidate and monitor data to create a live aerial picture of drone activity for the authorities' use with their dynamic UTM technology, which was recently presented to the Israeli parliament by Eyal Zor, Airwayz CEO and Co-founder. This landmark certification sets a precedent for global drone operations, with Israel being the first country to grant a USSP certification to a UTM provider. Airwayz becomes the first UTM provider in the world to obtain this prestigious accreditation.

“It is an honour to be selected by the CAAI to provide UTM services across Israel,” comments Eyal Zor. “This license marks an important achievement, as it not only certifies us to offer U-Space services across the entirety of Israel officially, but it also gives us hands-on experience in managing real-time aerial pictures of drones, monitoring their traffic, scaling operations and achieving high commercialization in a real-life scenario. Having established ourselves as a trusted partner of the Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI) project, and Airwayz is positioned to deliver outstanding UTM services across Israeli U-Space.”

Zor adds, “Being able to adapt our UTM services quickly and safely, Airwayz was selected by the CAAI to support various projects across Israel based on our proven track record of success in monitoring the lower U-Space. Meanwhile, our commitment to transforming drone operations internationally remains unwavering as we continue to support our country.”

The USSP certification process involved rigorous testing to meet strict aviation safety standards, including automatic system tests, thorough QA reports, algorithms monitoring, development processes, and cyber security measures. The certification proves Airwayz' capabilities to provide mandatory network identification, flight authorization, geo-awareness, and traffic information services, all in compliance. Additionally, the non-mandatory monitoring and weather services are also offered by Airwayz, demonstrating the company's fastidious commitment to providing comprehensive services to drone operators. 

As a leading UTM provider and collaborator across European drone projects, Airwayz UTM services are being used globally. This prestigious certification highlights Airwayz' position as a trusted provider of drone services and its dedication to promoting safe and efficient drone operations and Airwayz will pursue European USSP certifications.