Don Thoma, Aireon
Well not really space. Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon, the provider of space-based ADS-B solutions brought ATM Magazine up to speed during Airspace World. The good news is that the industry is waking up again. There’s a more stable focus and investments are restarting.

As they had many solutions operational one year prior to the start of the pandemic, they were able to continue collaborating with ANSPs during the traffic slow down to develop new services and be ready to launch as we moved out of this trying time. New investments were made in support of how the data they are providing could be utilised.

During our conversation, he shared with us many of the successes since the emergence from the pandemic:

  • The integration of Aireon data into the suite of services offered by Boeing Jeppesen.
  • EUROCONTROL Network Manager flow manager is using Aireon data to more accurately predict the arrival of inbound flights from 6 hours outside of their airspace. This has resulted in a 25% increase in accuracy of the timing of aircraft entering the EU airspace, positively influencing load balancing.
  • A similar program to EUROCONTROL has been added in West Africa.
  • Safety data initiatives with CANSO reviewing runway incursions, high energy approaches and missed approaches.
  • Trend performance for ANSPs to define areas for improvement.
  • Isavia has extended ADS-B to lower airspace.
  • Norway has coverage of their full fleet to the North Pole.
  • NavPortugal is about to go operational.
  • A data analytics projects with AZANS and the GCAA has kicked off a 6 month MOU to define specific data analytic needs.

In summary, it’s all about “what Aireon’s data can do for you?”