At "Airspace World" in Geneva (Switzerland) from 19 to 21 March, ENAIRE will present its products, new developments and services to lead the digital airspace, with improved functions in the field of air traffic management systems, the safe future integration of drones, as well as ENAIRE's applications for managing operational information.

This annual event brings together leading players in air traffic management, regulators, service providers and industry, to share experiences and new developments that will help boost future improvements in aviation. In fact, over 7,000 professionals in the sector, who are working and collaborating on building a global, sustainable and equitable sky, will gather at Airspace World in Geneva.

Enrique Maurer, ENAIRE's CEO, also took part in the roundtable "Preparing a strategic aviation plan for service excellence", together with the Executive Director of the SESAR Deployment Manager, Mariagrazia La Piscopia; the Vice-President of Safety, Security and Operations at ACI World, Thomas Romig; IATA's Senior Vice-President of Operations, Safety and Security, Nick Careen; and the Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Emile Arao.

At this event, he highlighted the priority role that safety plays in ENAIRE's strategic plan. “For four years, we have received the highest score (100%) in our maturity assessment of the Safety Management System”, stressed the general manager of the national air navigation operator.

He also underscored that another of the main elements guiding ENAIRE's strategic plan is sustainability. “At ENAIRE, we are working to integrate sustainability into our corporate DNA, in the same way that we have already integrated safety. Sustainability is a driver of our initiatives, and has become a basic and primary criterion when defining our projects. We view sustainability globally, environmentally, economically and socially”, said Enrique Maurer.

Exhibition space

In its exhibition space, ENAIRE shows the public its GammaSIM VR virtual air control simulation platform. This state-of-the-art 3D tower simulator, developed by ENAIRE with its air control personnel, relies on virtual reality to provide training in different scenarios.

Moreover, ENAIRE's new iFOCUCS air control station, which is being deployed at its air control centres, is also part of the technological developments that ENAIRE (together with INDRA) is presenting at Airspace World this year. The new iFOCUCS control station is a key element in enabling the technological evolution of SACTA, Spain's air traffic control system, as part of its technological alliance with iTEC.

iFOCUCS will also increase the viewing area of the screens while maintaining the resolution, allowing for more digital operations as part of an ergonomic and efficient design created in close cooperation with all users.

The ENAIRE applications Flow Tools and IMPACT, which improve flight flow management in accordance with European regulations, are also being presented. ENAIRE's air traffic controllers and the personnel involved in providing air traffic services have advanced applications that enhance and improve the information available.

In fact, they provide data so that personnel in supervisory positions, room managers and flow management specialists can make decisions quickly and safely in terms of routing flows and balancing demand in accordance with the airspace sectors and the capacity that the system is able to offer.

ENAIRE, the leader in the development of urban air mobility in Europe, is also sharing the service provided through its digital applications ENAIRE Planea and ENAIRE Drones. The former provides a website where users can plan and manage with ENAIRE aerial work, experimental flights and special activities in our airspace.

The latter is a web application that makes available to operators and pilots of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) the aeronautical information they need to plan their flights safely.

All of this is part of ENAIRE's commitment to managing these new airspace users and the certification process as a Common Information Service Provider (CIS-P) for drones within the new U-Space ecosystem.

Finally, ENAIRE is presenting its EWA management application, which monitors the operation and services provided by ENAIRE both in real time, showing the availability of the network of services provided, and offline, offering statistics and indicators on the services.

Commitment to improving service resilience and continuity

In addition, as part of ENAIRE's commitment to its Strategic Plan (2025 Flight Plan) to improve service resilience and continuity, ENAIRE has completed, together with Frequentis, its communications and contingencies project known as Last Resort Voice (LRV). The contract will further expand the voice communication backup systems at ENAIRE's main air traffic control centres. This will improve the quality of contingency communications and prolong the useful life of the software used by ENAIRE by expanding the capacity of radio and telephone resources at air control positions.