Adacel Technologies Limited, an industry leader in advanced air traffic management and ATC simulation and training systems, is pleased to announce the Aurora ATM system delivered to Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA or Seychelles) has successfully passed the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).

Seychelles’ new Aurora ATM system, developed to modernize SCAA’s air traffic management system, will enhance ATM service delivery by providing surveillance control with space- and ground-based ADS-B stations.

Aurora is a 4D flight profile-based ATM system incorporating all available surveillance sources, with advanced automation capabilities for oceanic, enroute, approach, and tower control.

“We are proud to successfully pass this important milestone with SCAA and look forward to the introduction of the Aurora ATM system into the Seychelles Flight Information Region,” shares Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO. “The new system will enhance airspace efficiency, enable higher levels of service to airspace users, and reduce controller workload,” continues Mr. Verret.

Speaking about the implementation of the new Aurora system, SCAA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Garry Albert said: “Reaching this project stage is a great accomplishment for us. By installing this state-of-the-art system, we will modernize the air traffic service to a level that has never been seen before in Seychelles. The collaboration with the professional team from Adacel has ensured that we have one of the most advanced systems. Combining this new technology with SCAA’s well-trained human resources, we will provide an excellent service to our stakeholders from all over the world who fly in our vast oceanic airspace located on the east coast of Africa."