From September 25th to 28th, 2023, IFEMA Madrid and Cuatro Vientos Airport will host the Airspace Integration Congress, Expodrónica and World Space Summit.

Airspace Integration Week - promoted by Expodrónica and ATCA - will bring together companies, organisations and speakers from more than 70 countries in the first event that comprises the ATM, STM and UTM sectors, as well as the most relevant aspects of civil and military cooperation.

Highlights of countries, and territories our registrants represent are Algeria, Denmark, Hungary, Morocco, Somalia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, India, Netherlands, South Africa, Austria, Ecuador, Iran, Nigeria, Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Ireland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Israel, Oman , Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Kenya, Poland, Togo, Cameroon, Gambia, Lebanon, Portugal, Tunisia, Canada, Georgia, Liberia, Qatar, Turkey, China, Germany, Libya, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Comoros, Ghana, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Congo, Greece, Mali, Senegal, United States, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Malta, Singapore, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Guinea, Mongolia, Slovakia and Yemen. 

Some of the most important organisations attending Airspace Integration Week are DJI Enterprise, ACR, GESAB, Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, Airbus, HEXAGON, National Air Navigation Service Company, Alas Para Tus Ojos, Hunde Aerospace, NavBrasil, Alter Technology, HungaroControl, NEXT SOLUTIONS LIMITED, AZIMUT GLOBAL, Iberia, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, Bluenest, IDS, RTX, Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority, Indra, SENASA, CRIDA A.I.E, INECO, The Boeing Company, ENAIRE, Ingenav, The MITRE Corporation, EUROCONTROL†HQ, Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company, UK Civil Aviation Authority, European Defense Agency, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, U.S. Air Force, GdF Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace.

Airspace Integration Week Madrid will be held in two complementary venues - IFEMA and Cuatro Vientos Airport - where there will be two exhibition areas as well as several theatres - ENAIRE ATM Integration Theatre; Space Theatre; Expodrónica U-space / Civil UAVs Initiative Theatre and Spotlight Arena- which will host more than 50 round tables.

The event discusses the interrelation of ATM, UTM and STM concepts, the theatres will include panels and presentations on the three main areas in the event: traditional air traffic management, UAS and space operations, and, finally, a transversal area of civilmilitary cooperation.

Within traditional airspace the topics to be discussed include the necessary evolution of systems, procedures and infrastructures to integrate new players, automation and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and civil-military cooperation in crisis management, among many others.

The program will bring together leading experts in the European Strategy 2.0 for the development of the drone industry, as well as the growing relevance of vertiports and infrastructures for the deployment of U-space and the integration of the new UAVs in the urban environment. The theatres will also include topics on security, such as Counter-UAS operations and systems. And finally, the Spotlight Arena will be for topics on industry to include new technology developments, best practices, and shared solutions.

Finally, the great growth and popularization of space activity makes it necessary to talk about different concepts related to it, by addressing the opportunities and risks of space exploration and its consequences in relation to aspects such as control, security, and defense, sustainability, governance and legislation.

At the event the third Congress on Space Legislation will be held. Space Legislation is a demand driven strategy responding to the different initiatives of the United Nations and the European Union to establish an international regulation for outer space.