Airmate, the leading free Electronic Flight Bag with 200,000 users worldwide, now provides its proven Aviation Data for Dynon SkyView pilots in the USA.

Airmate and Dynon Avionics are pleased to announce a new partnership that enables US-based SkyView pilots to access Airmate's comprehensive and updated Aviation Data for only $49.90/year.

The Airmate USA Data subscription includes:

  • • US Sectionals and US IFR raster charts.
  • • All FAA approach plates and airport diagrams, georeferenced.
  • • Digital database updates every 28 days at each FAA cycle that includes all airfields, controlled and restricted airspaces, radio beacons, waypoints, and obstacles for the entire US, including Alaska & Hawaii.

To make installation easier and smoother, subscribers can use the Airmate Data Manager app. Available on both Windows and MacOS, this free app automatically checks for available data for your subscription, allows pilots to select the desired charts and plates, and then downloads and programs the USB drive with the selected data.

Additionally, using Airmate's free EFB app, it is possible for training purposes to load SID, STAR, RNAV approaches and export, via Wi-Fi, a flight plan including all approach waypoints to SkyView’s flight plan. Airmate database includes all IFR approaches in the US*.

SkyView Data for other regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Pacific are also available.

"We are excited to partner with Dynon and offer our database to SkyView pilots who are looking for an affordable and reliable solution for their navigation needs," said Daniel Mavrakis, Founder of Airmate. "Our databases are constantly updated with the latest information and provide high-quality charts and plates that enhance situational awareness and safety."

“We are impressed by Airmate's database quality and features, and we are excited to offer it as an option to SkyView customers," said Michael Schofield, Dynon’s Director of Marketing. "Airmate's Aviation Data will give our US customers access to high-quality VFR and IFR charts, plates, and airport diagrams at a compelling price."