Only five days left to submit your award entry!

Don't miss out to be recognised by your industry peers for outstanding achievement during the 2022 calendar year and participate in the awards program at this year's Airspace World event in March. The inaugural programme between ATM Magazine and Airspace World. 

The awards aim to encourage pioneering concepts and acknowledge significant achievements by leaders, initiatives, and organisations in our industry. They are open to all ATM, UTM, UAM, UAS and Space stakeholders - manufacturers, software developers, research agencies, standards organisations, air navigation service providers, regulators, drone service providers and operating companies, airports and aircraft operating companies. If you have a question if your company is a fit for an award category, please contact us at

The categories

This year there are five individual categories plus an overall winner to be judged by a panel of experts in our industry.

Airspace Management – With many new airspace entrants, the ability to manage different types of traffic (could include crewed and uncrewed) at different altitudes is becoming increasingly complex. This category can include technologies, processes and procedures to ensure safety of all airspace users. 

Collaboration – Recognises the importance of effective relationships and partnerships within/across disciplines and sectors to achieve a shared goal. Submissions for this category should highlight different entities coming together – i.e. geographies, ATM/UTM/UAM/Space, public/private partnerships, etc. 

Innovation – Recognises new ideas, technologies, and concepts that challenge current ATM/UTM/UAM norms with the potential to significantly advance performance, operations, or capabilities. This category provides an opportunity for industry startups to be recognised for their contributions along with established players.  

Shaping our Future Skies - For the other categories our rules have always been the initiative needs to be live within the calendar year of the awards. As an industry we tend to focus on today’s challenges and solutions. This category is for submissions from initiatives or organisations that are working on something that is a future ‘game changer’ for our industry. This is the category for experimental ideas, proof-of-concept activities and lab projects that won’t be a reality for a least three years. 

Sustainability – Leaders, initiatives, and organisations working towards reducing aviation’s impact on the environment and making significant contributions to improving the environmental footprint of aviation through ATM programmes, technologies, processes and partnerships.

The process

Entries are open today and are free of charge. Submissions are due no later than 20 January, 2023. There will be an awards reception in Geneva, at Airspace World 2023, 8 – 10 March, 2023 to announce the winners and runner-ups.

Apply now at here.

We’re looking forward to receiving your submissions!