This is a historic milestone for Swiss aviation, which Skyguide will be commemorating with various activities and publications throughout 2022. Skyguide will not only be looking back nostalgically in this anniversary year, but also looking forward – an opportunity also to reflect on the aviation of tomorrow. Skyguide will be tackling this together with its employees, partners and airspace users, in order to jointly shape the aviation of tomorrow.

The Swiss subsidiary Marconi Radio AG was founded one hundred years ago today, on 23 February 1922, to develop wireless telegraphy – the birth of Swiss air traffic control. On 10 May 1928, the company name was changed to Radio Schweiz AG to emphasise its Swiss character. And on 1 January 1931, the Swiss Confederation entrusted Radio Schweiz AG with the provision of air navigation services in Switzerland. Since then, aviation has undergone big development. In the second half of the last century, the aircraft was able to establish itself worldwide as an efficient means of mass transport for passengers and freight.

A decisive factor in this was also the technological development by air traffic control, which ensured flying at all times of the day and in practically all weather conditions with communication, navigation and surveillance systems. In 1987, most of Radio Schweiz AG’s non-aviation-related business was transferred or sold to Swiss Post and private companies, and the remainder was subsequently transferred to the company Swisscontrol. In 2001, following a decision by the Federal Council, Skyguide was founded with the aim of integrating civil and military air navigation services. Today, Skyguide is committed to safe, efficient and sustainable air traffic management in Switzerland and the adjoining areas of neighbouring countries.

"Aviation has undergone fundamental development over the past 100 years. In the coming years, we will be implementing innovative solutions such as the Virtual Centre, which will continue to have a major impact on air traffic control in the future," says Alex Bristol, CEO of Skyguide.

Skyguide is now honouring this centenary with a range of activities throughout the year: With small local events at the 14 skyguide locations in Switzerland for employees and the media, through a publication and with a YouTube series and social media campaigns, which bring the daily work and the services of air navigation services closer.