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ADW23: Urban Air Mobility – ready to fly?

Amsterdam Drone Week 2023: Urban Air Mobility – ready to fly? The finish line seems to be farther away then expected.

Amsterdam Drone Week highlights – part one

Discussions with Unifly, Moving Dot, Wing and Heron

NATS deploys once in a generation airspace upgrade

One of the UK’s biggest airspace modernisation changes has been implemented over Wales and southwest England, following more than four years of development.

ADW23: The business case for commercial drone operations

Amsterdam Drone Week 23: The business case for commercial drone operations

ADW23: EASA High Level Conference highlights

Amsterdam Drone Week 2023: EASA High Level Conference highlights

Connect beyond the sky

ATM Magazine joins Mobile World Congress 2023 to discuss telecoms and drones so we can Connect Beyond the Sky

Airmate and Dynon partner for VFR/IFR aviation data

Airmate and Dynon partner to offer affordable VFR/IFR aviation data for Skyview users

Airwayz Announces Partnership with Royal NLR

Airwayz Announces Partnership with Royal NLR to Accelerate Drone U-Space Adoption Across Europe

Eve Announces Collaboration with Ferrovial Vertiports

Eve Announces Collaboration with Ferrovial Vertiports to Explore the Use of Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management Solutions

Paving the way with LDACS

Please join the next CERTIUM® webinar from Rohde & Schwarz: Paving the way with LDACS


WANTED: Airspace guardian of the future…

As Egis celebrates 50 years in aviation, we publish a new discussion paper imagining the long-term future of aviation and what relevance air traffic management might have within it.

Prioritising safety in unmanned aircraft system traffic management

Drones are proliferating throughout the world’s airspace, making them impossible to ignore. As their numbers rise, the importance of finding a way for them to safely coexist with manned aircraft is growing increasingly urgent.

Learn More About Tower Solutions

As civilian air traffic continues to grow, airports must increase efficiency and manage more complex operations, while improving safety and compliance.

ATM-grade networks

Achieving safe, efficient, future-ready air traffic control Communications Frequentis was instrumental in introducing ATM-grade networks to the air traffic control industry, and continues to invest in taking them to the next level.


CPK’s project giants revealed

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is in the process of selecting and signing contracts with key suppliers connected to the construction of CPK airport

CPK awards contract for a Master Civil Engineer

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) finalized one of the four key tenders related to the construction of the CPK Airport project in Poland

STH: Development of air transport

Economic factors behind the construction of the new airport

CPK: Enhancing Security and Network of rail connections

The Solidarity Transport Hub is not just an airport – the project also consists of the construction of approximately 2,000 km of new railway lines across Poland.

Effective Modernization for Air Traffic Management Support Systems

Those who work in air traffic management know the complexities and challenges involved in ensuring the safe and efficient journeys of tens of millions of flights each year.