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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

ATM Awards submission deadline extended!

The ATM Awards submission deadline has been extended until January 26th allowing extra time to complete your entries.

Leidos deploys new Flight Service VCS

Leidos has announced the successful deployment of a new FSVCS using VoIP technology.

Adacel Appoints new Vice President, Air Traffic Management

Neil Bowles becomes Adacel’s new Vice President, Air Traffic Management starting 2nd January 2024

Unifly completes Unified UTM Cybersecurity Model

Terra Drone’s Group Company, Unifly, Successfully Completes Groundbreaking UTM Cybersecurity Model Project in Partnership with FAA

DFS completes modernisation of radio stations

DFS has successfully completed the RASUM 8.33 project


CANSO welcomes Peru as its newest full member

Eve Air Mobility Receives ESG Financing Guarantee

Bradesco Bank has concluded with Eve Mobilidade Aérea Urbana, the first ESG financing guarantee operation aligned with the Green Loans Principles

IATA 2023 forecast for CPK. Investor scenario confirms the necessity of the project

CPK is updating traffic forecasts as the project progresses, adapting to changing circumstances, such as the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and the environmental regulations. CPK presents this year's latest forecast from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA 2023 forecast for CPK

Investor scenario confirms the necessity of the project

Eve achieves milestone in pathway to eVTOL certification

Eve Air Mobility’s eVTOL Airworthiness Criteria Released for Public Consultation